What Makes a Comedy Film Great?

Shouf Shouf Habibi is one of the masterpieces ever created for the comedy film genre. Even in its small budget, the writer and director of the movie were able to produce a film that captures the imagination and attention of the general moviegoer. People lined up for miles to get a ticket to watch this motion picture. Some even shop online using discounts to get collectibles of the film.

If you are an aspiring writer or movie producer, here are tips that you should consider to make your movie debut for the comedy genre great:


It is always about the timing, right? Whether you are a stand-up comedian, a comedic actor, or someone directing a comedy movie, you should always look at the right timing to give a punch line in a scene. Even reused lines will be funny if placed on the right environment with the appropriate people saying the statement.

To do this, you must hire actors who are known for their comedic timing. It is a surefire way to get the audiences laughing on their seat. But what if you did not have a budget to hire popular comedians? Well, you have to get the auditions right. Check the people who can deliver lines and act out a scene.


You have to make sure that the chemistry between the actors is good. Some movies may get highly paid individuals and yet their movie flopped because they do not have chemistry in the film.

What you can do is have your preferred actors throw lines at each other and see whether it works or not. Have multiple actors on board and try to check out which ones work well together. Even if they do not know each other, if they have chemistry, it will look good onscreen.

Good story

People flock to the theaters showing a comedy film to laugh and be entertained. A good comedy film should also have a good enough story to work around with. Don’t just shop online for a plot. Get writers who can provide you with a decent storyline for your movie.