What is the Berlinale Film Festival?

The Berlinale Film Festival is one of the most prestigious international festivals in the world. It has such high acclaim as the Venice Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. Filmmakers and the big names from different countries aspire to become part of this festival.

Shouf Shouf Habibi

Shouf Shouf Habibi or Hush Hush Baby was already a popular movie in the Netherlands when it came out. It gained international fame because of its entertainment and comedic qualities. People go to great lengths, even using Agoda discount codes to know where to enter the nation that has created such a great movie.

Most movie makers would pay big bucks to be part of this esteemed festival. Actors from both the local and international scene would flock to this event to display and show their work to a worldwide audience. Actors and actresses dress up and fix themselves from the event. For those in Asia, you can get a coupon code for Althea Philippines to get their products like makeup and other cosmetics.

Since Shouf Shouf Habibi is not just another ordinary movie but a revolutionary film that tackles migration of people from countries like Morocco to Western nations like the Netherlands. Movies with significant value like this one are invited to be shown on the Berlinale Panorama.

Berlinale Festival

This festival is such a big event for the international film industry. Thousands of tickets are sold each year because of the number of movies that are featured in the event. Only around 400 film owners are invited to present their movies to the festival’s audience.

It is held in Berlin, Germany. The event occurs every February of the year. You can expect the influx of people from around the world to go to Germany to enjoy the event.

If you are a movie fan and want to experience this festival, you can book hotels weeks or months before to ensure that you will have a place near the area to stay in. If you need to call somebody from your own country and do not know where to go to get minutes for your sim card, you can just buy load online.